CV of Melisande Fischer-Suder

1942 Born in Munich
1963 - 1967 Studies at the University of
Fine Arts, Berlin with Prof. Mac Zimmermann
from 1970 teaching at the secondary school for fine arts, Munich
1981 - 1988 art therapy training in Munich
from 1986 regular visits to southern Portugal, in the Algarve
from 1988 exhibitions in Munich and in Portugal, solo exhibitions or participation in group exhibitions

About my pictures:

The roots of my artistic work comes from the knowledge acquired through a long experience, that pictures together with the aesthetic level, that is, the interplay of theme, format, colours, shapes, etc. are transmitting a message. They also reflect the inner world of those who create these images. Both the thinking, as well as the feeling of who creates artistic work, find their visible and tangible expression – sometimes more, sometimes less visible.

Pictures, and works of visual art in general, become a way of communication between humans beings.

This visual communication can take place at very different levels: more on the level of the "visible reality" – or more at the level of the "inner reality".

I call the first level, "outside view", the second "inside view". Consequently, the title of my solo exhibition in 2008 in the Convent of São José in Lagoa, Portugal was entitled "Exterior view – Interior view".

In my view, these levels are clearly distinct and require a different artistic language: The aspect of the "exterior reality" suggests a more objective representation; the theme of "interior reality", however, comes closer to more abstract images and design.

This distinction goes throw all my artistic work as a "red thread".
Another source of my artistic work is the fact that our whole life is shaped by the antagonisms – often profound – in nature around us, just as at all levels of human life. And in fact duality plays an important role: two different materials, two different supports play together, "interact", for instance in the "mirror-images" and the "horizon-images".

Exhibitions (selected)

2012 Solo exhibition in München-Pasing, Spiegelstr 4
"Außenwelt und Innenblick"
2011 Exhibition to the World Health Day, with Joao Eduardo Pinto at the Hospital Particular do Algarve, Faro-Gambelas, Algarve, Portugal
2011 Participation in the exhibition of the Galeria Arte Algarve, 9.7. - 1.10.2011 in the UNica Adega Cooperative do Algarve de Lagoa, Portugal
2011 Participation in the 6. Competition and Exhbition Alfa Interactiva:
Wandel - Change - Mudanca in Convento Sao José, Lagoa, Portugal
2010 Munich-West Cultural Forum, anniversary exhibition at the Town Hall Munich-Pasing
2010 Arte Algarve III
International Art Fair
Centro de Congressos do Arade, Portimão, Portugal
2010 Solo exhibition at the International Centre For Coastal Ecohydrology (Unesco), Faro, Portugal
2008 solo exhibition at the Convento de São José, Lagoa, Portugal
"Exterior view – Interior View"
2006 Exhibition in the "Trafo", Munich
2005 Exhibition in the "Trafo", Munich
2004 Exhibition in the "Trafo", Munich
2003 Solo exhibition at the Centro de Arte e Cultura, Estoi, Portugal
2003 Workshop exhibition, Munich
2000 Galeria de Arte do Arquivo Distrital, Faro, Portugal
"Salão International de Pintura"
2000 - 2007 Participation in group exhibitions at various locations in southern Portugal and Lisbon
1998 Monte Mariposa, Portugal
1997 Solo exhibition in Atlantis Hotel, Vilamoura, Portugal
"Serra e Mar"
1996 solo exhibition during a congress, Taufkirchen
Bilderzyklen zu den Archetypen
1991 Aspekte Galerie of the Munich adult education center
"Freiräume IV: Begegnungen"
1989 Gallery in Pollnhof, Dachau
"Honi soit qui mal y pense"
1989 Aspekte Galerie of the Munich adult education center,
"Freiräume III: Traum Bilder Träume"
1989 Galerie in Pollnhof, Dachau
"Kunst und Kinder"
1988 Blutenburger Kunstausstellung, Munich
"Kunstlandschaft Würm II"